Rewarding excellency in the first 100 days of a new company executives

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Promoting Interim management

Founder of the idea of Interim management in 1989, EIM is the n°1 European leader in recruiting and supporting executives on a ‘mission’ basis.

EIM’s goals are to promote, articulate and demonstrate the added value of the Interim management, be it for the companies who need immediately available external resources on a limited time frame, or for highly qualified executives.

Digital communication and media coverage of the event

Beyond the usual media relations mission conducted for EIM, Enderby designed an ambitious exposure plan surrounding the ‘100 days’ (a concept by Frédéric Marquette, EIM associate) and the 100 days EIM-KPMG Prize rewarding the executives exceeding expectation while taking up their post.

Objectives of the initiative:

    • A strengthened media coverage for every step of the Prize: call for applications, Jury and runners-up announcement, press invitation to the Awards ceremony, embargo strategy, award winner’s announcement, etc
    • News reaction strategy, throughout the appointments of the new executives, about the challenges to be met during their first 100 days
    • Coordinating the upstream as well as downstream of the event, hand in hand with the EIM and KPMG teams
    • Writing and designing the digital plan
    • Taking care of the social networks beforehand as well as after the awards ceremony
A long-lasting media resonance for the event

Over 300 attendants every year at the awards ceremony, including 10 journalists, around 50 press releases every year, the first press release of the award winners’ names having being negotiated with Les Echos.

More than 7500 visits on LinkedIn, 300 hits and 150 commitments; more than 15.000 visits on Twitter, 500 commitments and a commitment rate of about 45 %.