Creating a reference medical database website

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One of the European leaders in the private hospitalisation sector

After Capio’s takeover in 2018, Ramsay Santé has become one of the European leaders in private hospitalisation and primary care, with 7 million patients admitted every year in its 310 institutions. The group’s communication strategy, developed by Enderby over the last three years, relies on an active presence in the national and regional press as well as on social networks.

In the summer 2018, Ramsay Santé engaged in a new challenge: strengthening its position as a key player and forward-thinker on the subjects that are the core of its craft, namely, Health, innovation and first and foremost mankind.

Launching a new player in the medical information field

Enderby developed a new White-Label website, ‘Medzine’, designed as a treasure chest for the Ramsay Santé’s written, audio and video content.

The objective: promoting in an educational way the group’s expertises and actions to all its audiences, be they patients, caregivers or associates.

In this context, Enderby displayed all the aspects of its skillset:

  • Design and development of a website
  • Writing and/or rewording of press articles from the experts interviewed
  • Creation and development of a dedicated podcast series (+DeBellesZhistoires)
  • Media coverage of the procedure (Mainstream media and social networks)

Regarding media relations: more than 3000 press releases  every year, more than 200 interviews with about 70 doctors and spokespersons of the group.

From an editorial and digital standpoint : ‘Medzine’ was launched in December 2019 with about 60 articles published and a series of podcasts available on every major streaming platform.